optics planet SUCKS

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optics planet SUCKS

Postby Blammer » Tue Mar 07, 2017 5:12 pm

This is one company I will never buy anything from again.


False advertising. I went to buy a holster, they showed two of them in the picture and described them in the wording as "holsters" plural. They had multiple pictures of the two different holsters for sale. NO where was there a 'choice' for you to make on which one you wanted. And for the price I was expecting two of them.

what did I get? yep, only ONE holster.

sent them a nice email, got a reply that I could send it back following the return policy. Yes it's going back and screw em.

went to the review to review the item and put my comments down, polite and family friendly, about the item and it was declined.

yea, I'm done with them for good.

so if they decline all 'bad' reviews and only keep the good ones... figure it out yourself.
Sometimes you have to ignore the "good idea fairy"

Please stop telling me "That can't be done" while I'm doing it, it's just plain annoying.

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