For Sale RULES

If it's for sale post it here. Your email and PM's must be available for buying and selling. Sellers: you must have the item you are selling, no third party sales. A price must be stated. Your rules must be included, shipping no shipping, first "I'll take it" or first PM etc.

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For Sale RULES

Postby Blammer » Sun Jun 14, 2015 4:11 pm

Here are the rules for the Equipment Sales.

You break these rules expect one or more of these consequences.
1. Ad locked
2. Ad deleted
3. Warning
4. Locked from Equipment Swap and Sell
5. Temp ban or permanent ban

NO comments or free bumps.

NO stomping on other peoples posts.

NO links to auctions or auction sites or to other places items are for sale.

If you post this for sale in several places, and a buyer complains you welched because you sold it elsewhere, you may be banned.

NO third party sales. YOU must own and have in your possession what is sold.

NO "feeler" threads, if you don't know what your selling is worth, don't ask here.

NO "Medical/Bill pay" sales. No one cares why you are selling or where the money is going, the buyer just want his product he bought. If you want to give all the proceeds away from the sale of your stuff, fine. I don't want to see it posted anywhere here.

A price MUST be stated on the post.

Auctions are fine.

If you hold and auction.

It must have, starting bid, and an ending time.

Seller will determine winning bid at the end time.

Buyers and Sellers:

There is no "I'll take it rule"
If either buyer or seller welch on a deal, either or both may be banned.

Commercial sales options contact Admin.
Sometimes you have to ignore the "good idea fairy"

Please stop telling me "That can't be done" while I'm doing it, it's just plain annoying.

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